Hi! My name is Annika, I am from Melbourne, Australia. I grew up in country Victoria but moved to the city to pursue my passions! I love love love all things health, wellness and Pilates. I am a Pilates and Barre instructor at the beautiful Love Your Soul in Parkdale where I also work in their gorgeous whole foods bar! I have always been into dance and performing arts studying full time for the last few years. I teach dance in Ballarat one day a week at Ballarat Dance Centre to a group of amazing kids and also run a pilates class for dancers.

I can safely say that I love my job and what I do for work, I believe in doing what you are passionate about/what makes you happy and not just chasing money.

With my love for life, health and wellness and pilates I have come to decide to create this blog! I am super excited about putting all my ideas, knowledge and findings along the way onto this site and I hope by doing so that I can inspire one, or many people to get into pilates and encourage you to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Annika xx